Internet Gambling Facts and Problems


Users can sign up to their websites and bet money through electronic transactions. With one’s money involved, there is also a risk of one’s financial or account information being hacked.

In 2004, Google and Yahoo! declared the removal of online gambling advertisements from their websites.

Gamblers seen around the world can be classified under a few basic categories.

For professional gamblers, it is their major source of income. Casual social gamblers engage in gambling activities for the purpose of entertainment. Serious social gamblers involve in gambling with great sincerity and may end up spending huge amounts on it. Some gamblers engage in gambling activities for escaping from the stress in their life. However, there is no evidence to prove this, as casinos and race tracks are a more common and prominent reason behind the rise in money laundering.

It is commonly believed that there are higher chances of people getting addicted to Internet gambling than to other forms of it. However, if one is to think about the waste of productive time that online gambling results in, and the other problems that it can lead to, it becomes clear why one should stay away from online gambling or at least restrict the time spent on it.


In most members of the European Union and the nations that surround the Caribbean Sea, different forms of Internet gambling are legalized.

One of the major Internet gambling problems is its detrimental effect on society. Internet gambling, as most of us know, is any form of gambling that makes use of the Internet. People who have never gained any exposure to land-based casinos or local bookies find online gambling enjoyable. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States has proclaimed that the Federal Wire Act applies only to sports betting.

The Internet gambling industry is one of the most profitable ones today. It leads to a waste of resources (time and money). But one cannot get lucky every time. One of the most important advantages of Internet gambling is that it does not require you to leave your home. And it results in a splurge of money that can rather be utilized for better reasons.

The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 is a federal law of the United States that prohibits the operation of certain kinds of betting practices in the country. Your favorite game is just a few clicks away.

The problems with Internet gambling mainly include the risk of addiction and that of the emergence and spread of illegal practices in society.

Internet gambling lacks a centralized regulation. There are various Internet gambling companies that offer users the option to play games and gamble online. A majority of children and youngsters are attracted to online gambling.. Losing big money results in heavy financial losses, which can in turn lead to frustration.

Gambling activities that involve online money transactions are a greater risk. The lack of regulation makes online gambling a prey to network hackers. For more on this, you must read about the impact of Internet gambling. In this case, it can lead them to compulsive gambling wherein a person feels compelled to engage in gambling activities for which he/she sacrifices his family and career.

It is said that money-laundering activities are common in case of online gambling. A few occurrences of winning good amounts of money is enough to lure him into risking more. It can lead to addiction among youngsters. In an attempt to win more and more money, one continues staking it, even thoughtlessly at times. As no government authority regulates online gambling, it can lead to the spread of several illegal practices. Online casinos, online poker, online sports betting, among others, are some of the common forms of Internet gambling. One instance of winning money is sufficient to tempt a user to bet more. Lacking regulation, these sites are vulnerable to attacks by network hackers. Once lured by the money that can be made through such activities, it’s not unnatural for a user to get addicted to this form of gambling. Hackers gain easy access to confidential information of the users.


An excessive exposure to Internet gambling activities can lead to addiction

Cricket Bats Evolved With The Sport


. Tags: Speak BolaDeer Blinds Online: Make Hunting A Fun Activity! By: GLF – Buying the deer blinds online is a simple process. This is called knocking-in and involves hitting the bat surface with a bat mallet or with a cricket ball. Father, Daughter, Son and staff are working hard every day to ensure that our company achieves its aim.We sell a range of sports gear, including cricket bats and goods. Most bats today are machine-made, but there are some craftsmen who make cricket bats by hand. Since then the bats have evolved and modern style bats are not only shaped differently, there are more distinguishing features.

Modern cricket bats are paddle shaped, with a slim handle and a wider blade. Even today individuals are tweaking their bats, trying to get the best performance. While there is no restriction on weight, most weigh between 1.1 to 1.4 kg. Please visit our website at

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Bat size is regulated and can be up to 965 mm long and the blade up to 108 mm wide. However, some manufacturers offer pre-knocked cricket bats at a higher price. This action will compact the fibers inside the bat and should help prevent it from snapping or splintering during use. McGuire – Would you like to read the latest match reports considering FC Pune City!

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New cricket bats should be seasoned a bit before they are used. The product manual that comes with your bat will tell you to knock in your bat for three to six hours, and this is usually about eight thousand hits to the bat. It is said that the early bats were similar to hockey sticks, with a long shank and a shorter angled end. Some have tried different materials like aluminum blades or lightweght carbon in the handle, but these usually get regulated against. As players realised the effect the bat material and shape had on their ability to hit the ball, they made changes and alterations until they created the modern cricket bat. The bats are treated with linseed oil and this serves two purposes. Tags: deer blinds onlineSmart Ways To Find Outdoors Gear For Your Needs By: GoodContent – ALL YOUR SPORTING GOODS YOU’LL EVER NEED IN ONE EASY STOPTags: SPORTS, JERSEYS, EQUIPMENT, OUTDOORS, RECREATIONTips That Will Help You Become A Better Golfer By: Peggy Hutchison –

If you like to play athletic games to bond with family or to relate to your co-workers, consider playing golf. Your choice will depend on whether you want to save money or save time.

These specialised bats have come a long way since that early hockey stick look alike. It protects the willow wood and it also provides increased friction on the surface when it meets the ball and that helps the batsmans control. Tags: hunting blinds for saleFootball – Reside Scores On Your Computer By: Kain Black – Nowgoal livescore sites provide match live scores, schedules, statistics, results and news to all the sports fans.

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By: Sunil Jajodia

Cricket bats are an integral part of the great sport of cricket. The blade is flat on the front side and the back side has an aerodynamic v-shaped ridge. Their intent is not to stifle progress, but ensure that any changes in equipment are true to the sport and fair for all its participants.

About the Author:

Established in 1973, Morrant Group Ltd is a family run business with over 35 years experience in mail order team sports equipment

Casino-Gaming :: How To Win Lotto: The Most Effective Way To Pick Your Winning Numbers (Page 1 of 2)


I am yet to see any computer system or software package that can reliably and consistently predict the winning numbers of any lottery in the world. The most important of the three ‘laws’ is this…

So, what IS the most effective way to pick your winning numbers?

Lotto is a game of chance based on a random selection of numbers. Nothing could be more rewarding than cashing in a one- or two-dollar lottery ticket for a million-dollar jackpot.

How To Win Lotto: The Most Effective Way To Pick Your Winning Numbers

The answer is simple. It is not possible to consistently and reliably predict a random event. To this end, any product that claims to analyze patterns in actual lottery results or help you predict the winning numbers of your favorite lottery is a scam. End of story. If you just heard yourself say “No theyre not,” dont bother reading on youre fooling yourself, and I dont want to waste your time any further.

You only have to scan the daily tabloids or internet search engine listings to know that everyone and their dog possesses some unique method of busting the odds or predicting the winning numbers of any lottery in the world.

Consequently, do not concern yourself with coupon patterns, hot numbers, frequency statistics or other implausible good luck charms. Grasp this concept, and you are well on your way to lotto success.

Lottery Numbers Are Totally Random

Mark Collard

Never Change Your Numbers?

By all means, go ahead and have fun using these products to choose your weekly numbers.

Your choice of selections has absolutely no bearing on the numbers which will be drawn this week, or any week for that matter. Anyway you choose.

When you consider the potential multi-million dollar fortunes on offer, picking your lotto numbers can seem like a complicated and stressful affair. Just never bet your house on them.

This advice is dispensed about as frequently as a new system for picking this week’s lucky numbers is announced.

But seriously, should you change your numbers, or stick with the same numbers all the time (in case they are drawn)? It’s a good question, and one that vexes more lotto players than they care to admit.

Page 1 of 2 :: First | Last :: Prev | 1 2 | Next

If you want to know, I always choose my numbers randomly (it’s a function of the winlottosystems wheeling software I use) because it’s easy, and I don’t have to think. It just cant be done, nor will it ever be possible. Full stop. Although interesting, these systems have absolutely no bearing on your ability to predict the winning numbers, nor your chances of winning a prize.

In spite of the enormous odds, and regardless of the type of prize you are seeking to win, you can always depend on three universal principles* or laws every time you play lotto anywhere, anytime. . To suggest otherwise is to appear gullible and stupid. A random selection of numbers can not, by definition, form a pattern

3 Proven Ways To Attract Girls




Another crucial thing that makes a man attractive to a woman is status. In a way, this is what you get when you combine success and strength. There’s no doubt about it. By remaining true to your principles and staying steadfast in any situation, you’re sending out the message that you’re the best choice in every way. The question is: How do you go about displaying your strength? You don’t have to go into extreme sports bulging your muscles like your favorite wrestlers, but you can do something to whip yourself into shape. Who wants to date Chris the Couch Potato when they can date Eric the Successful Entrepreneur?

Women want men who are good providers, men who are clearly leader of the pack material.

Even back during prehistoric times, cave women have always had a thing for the cavemen who brought home the bacon. After all, you can’t just blindly grope you way to a woman’s heart. That’s the way it has always been.

Status. You can bet that whoever invented the first wheel had no problem getting all the girls.

If you want to know what makes a man attractive to a woman, then read this article. It is up to you how to make the most of it.

Women can’t help but be attracted to guys who are successful. You might end up getting slapped in the face in more ways than one.

Knowing what makes a man attractive to a woman is a great advantage in the playing field.

Now that you have an idea of what makes a man attractive to a woman, there is no excuse for going out unprepared or staying home depressed for that matter. Women are also attracted to strength in character. Nobody is born with all these things in a complete package, but everybody has the opportunity to achieve all three. Status can mean anything from having a prestigious company position to being the most popular guy in your school. Besides, there’s no such thing as dumb luck in the game of love. Strength makes a man attractive to a woman.

Physical strength denotes capability and discipline.

Keep in mind though that being crowned the undisputed king of nachos isn’t exactly the kind of status I’m referring to. You may be a complete nobody today; but if you apply yourself correctly, you’ll find out just how easy it is for others to recognize your true potential

Which one is best – Poker or Blackjack??


If you don’t understand that (as it appears from your post, that you don’t) you should refrain from giving advice that you would wish to have accepted as ‘qualfied.’ hmm

My Best Win from experience; I have played a $10 Table for a straight 34 hours for a Net Return of $42,080 with a starting stake pool of $300.

When I play; I Never Play for less than 10 Hours and from over 5000 games; have only ever Lost my $300 Stake twice!

I have spent a total of 2 years Training players in Advanced Play and throughout that period, had ever Casino GameBreaking Trick used against me, bar being barred.

Well Thank you Mr Cannon! A bit of a Gun are you? hmm

You DO NOT KNOW What you are talking about, when it comes to BlackJack. Clearly you do NOT qualify as an Advanced BlackJack Player either. lol

FYI…. The Game of BlackJack (as a Casino Game) Is The ONLY Game that allows a player to reduce the house % odds, as a direct result of how the player plays the cards throughout the game. sad For a starter, NO Casino ALLOWS Players to take play charts or alike into a casino!! smile. smile I would have expected that you would have at least answered the ‘basic’ play strategy for 16 lol

Perhaps you might consider Learning from an expert as opposed to promoting ‘expert’ advice? hmm

To Play at the Level that I am referring to; You must have the Ability to memorise EVERY Sequence of cards played on 7 Boxes plus the dealer’s hand continuously; irrespective of what else is going on at the table! To Do That for 34 hours; I would bet your count, that it is Well Beyond You

Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker/Full Tilt Poker Payouts For US Players Update


7/31/2012 Lots Of Movement

Pokerstars has officially acquired Full Tilt Poker and has come to a settlement agreement with the US government.

This will only be allowed in the state of Nevada so it will be geared towards visitors to Las Vegas who will be able to play poker from their hotel rooms or poolside on their laptops or mobile devices. This has yet to be approved by the US Government.

Here is their statement: “If the court approves the settlement, and if there are Blanca assets remaining after the resolution of claims by other parties, it is anticipated that the court will provide a process for players to make claims against those assets.”

While an effort was made, most notably by the State of Nevada, that push has appeared to have lost traction and it may be years before we see legalized online poker in the United States.

Update 11/1/2012

Well if you’re still reading articles on how to get your money back from Absolute Poker or Ultimate Bet you’ve got perseverance..


Brent Beckley, the head of Absolute Poker has been sentenced to 14 months in jail.

In addition, other first world nations such as Britain, France, Italy and even parts of Canada have legalized and regulated on-line poker successfully so it’s clear that it could and should be done in the US as well.

And even if there is then earlier estimates of receiving 5 cents on the dollar seems to be the best the player’s can hope to achieve out of a settlement.

Pokerstars has agreed to pay the US government $547 million dollars over the next three years.

So basically if there is any money left over after the companies that have made claims are paid out then any remaining funds will go to the players. If the court approves the settlement, and if there are Blanca assets remaining after the resolution of the claims by other parties, it is anticipated that the court will provide a process for players to make claims against those assets.

Blanca is the parent company of Absolute and Ultimate Bet poker. It will be pushed again in 2013 when the timing is perhaps better. Sadly players will be second in line at best, left to fight over whatever scraps are left.

This, however does not mean the issue is dead. The press release does not hold out much hope that anything will be left after the initial business claims are settled. Their assets will be sold.

In addition, Absolute Poker has also asked for a settlement arrangement, agreeing to forfeit Absolute’s assets in order to pay back customers.

It’s estimated that online poker would be worth $5 billion dollars per year in the United States. The arguments are still strong for legalizing on-line poker, such as the ability to tax and regulate it.

The proposed settlement requires all of Blancas assets to be forfeited to the United States. It appears very unlikely there will be any funds left over.

Further muddying the water are several interests that are attempting to block the sale and claim the remaining assets as their own.

An excerpt from the Press Release:

It’s just a matter now of when the timing is right to get the legislation successfully pushed through.

Home of the Free.

The piece of pie that is left for any of the players with money left on the site gets smaller and smaller by the day.

It’s estimated that Absolute Poker still owes $60 million to players. However, there will be no distribution of the net proceeds from the liquidation pending the resolution of claims filed by other parties who have asserted an ownership interest in Blancas assets.

One the surface this seems like a good scenario for players waiting to get paid but it appears there are other business interests first in line making claims on any assets that are left. At present the Commission has no information as to how players should make such a claim.

Although jailing Beckley is movement by the DOJ, it doesn’t address if or how they intend to pay back players. Not saying that Beckley walked away with any money, but if he did 14 months for $60 million is a pretty good ROI.

The DOJ is seeking to sell both the software and email file to the highest bidder, although the more time that passes the less any of these assets are worth.

After well over a year since the Black Friday shut down this is by far the best news to come out for players who have had bankrolls in limbo since April 2011 on both Full Tilt and Absolute.


Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker are being forfeited to the US government. See you at your local Tribal Casino I guess.

December 2012 Update

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, responsible for making the big push to legalize online poker has given up for the year stating the idea has lost momentum. With this kind of money involved companies are lining up to get a piece of the pie along with state and federal governments who need to tax revenue such ventures would generate.

Update 9/25/2012

The Department Of Justice has obtained the Absolute Poker software from a Korean company as well as its email list.

Estimates show that even with the ban 10-15 million Americans are still playing on-line poker to this day, gambling billions, yet the US government isn’t seeing dime one of it.

Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet simply don’t have enough assets to liquidate to cover the massive of amount they owe former players.


South Point Poker out of Nevada is prepared to start offering online poker in October of this year.

The one bright spot in this Black Friday fiasco was the hope that perhaps we would see legalized on-line poker in the United States by the end of the year.

This money will be used in part to pay back US players who have an estimated $184 million dollars locked up on the former Full Tilt site.

The latest new is that the DOJ will be selling off any assets Cereus still has which would seem like good news, however they intend to pay off several companies who have filed claims before they get to players.

With the government having some serious issues on it’s plate such as dealing with the destruction of Sandy, the fiscal cliff and gun rights in lieu of the Connecticut massacre, now does not seem a smart time to push something like online poker, that in comparison may seems trivial.

$60 million still pales in comparison to the $350 million Full Tilt reportedly owes players.

However, if this venture proves successful then national online poker should not be far behind.

Hopefully 2013 will be that time. The US Marshalls office will be mandated to liquidate Blancas assets

​Illinois Attorney General: Daily fantasy betting is illegal gambling


This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. So why the Attorney General would tell her 13.5 million constituents they can’t play fantasy sports anymore as they know it — and make no mistake, her opinion bans all forms of fantasy sports played for money — is beyond us,” the statement said. Scott Drury of Highwood and Elgie Sims of Chicago sought the opinion. “Hopefully the legislature will give back to the people of Illinois the games they love. Madigan’s opinion made no such orders.

“To me, it didn’t make sense to consider legislation when we didn’t know what the current status of daily fantasy sports is in Illinois,” Drury said. A sports town like Chicago and a sports loving state like Illinois deserves nothing less.”

“I disagree with those sentiments, but we have whole spring ahead of us to work on a bill that addresses concerns like that,” Zalewski said.

2015 CBS Interactive Inc. Drury said not only did taxpayers need to know whether the contests were legal, lawmakers needed to know what they are attempting to regulate.

The law “clearly declares that all games of chance or skill, when played for money, are illegal gambling in Illinois,” Madigan, a Democrat, wrote.

Nevada regulators declared the bets illegal gambling and ordered the sites out of the state unless they acquire gambling licenses; New York’s attorney general ordered DraftKings and FanDuel to stop operating, but the companies won a temporary reprieve allowing them to continue through January. Players compete for a predetermined prize by assembling virtual teams of real pro or college athletes; winners are determined based on the statistics those athletes compile.. Illinois outlaws both.

Boston-based DraftKings said in October that Zalewski’s approach, requiring players to be 18 and allowing sites to review players for child support or tax debts, was “reasonable and measured.”

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. Democratic Rep. Zalewski said he aligned parameters with current gambling regulations on riverboat casinos and horse racing.

FanDuel, one of the two major players in the daily fantasy sports industry, issued a statement to CBS Chicago in response to Madigan’s opinion.

Madigan pointed out that while state law allows prizes or compensation for “actual contestants,” that doesn’t include fantasy gamblers.

Daily fantasy sports differ from the traditional model in that contests are organized around short periods — a week, or a day — instead of a season. — Daily fantasy sports betting is illegal gambling under Illinois law, Attorney General Lisa Madigan said Wednesday.

“Chicago may be the best sports town in the country…

“Persons whose wagers depend upon how particular, selected athletes perform in actual sporting events stand in no different stead than persons who wager on the outcome of any sporting event in which they are not participants,” Madigan wrote.

Zalewski said in a statement that he’s aiming for regulations “to allow Illinoisans to continue to play these contests and provide the necessary strong consumer protections for safe, fun play.”

Drury is not a fan of Zalewski’s proposal, saying the minimum age of 18 is too young and that rules are too loose on winners who owe child support or tax money. All Rights Reserved. “Now that we know, according to the attorney general, that it’s illegal, we can make a serious attempt to address the issue.”

Madigan’s opinion, sought by two Democratic legislators, points out that the debate over whether the popular contests involve skill or luck is irrelevant. Madigan’s decree follows decisions in New York and Nevada to ban the online sites for the same reason. Mike Zalewski of Riverside, who is pushing legislation to legalize and regulate the contests, said that while he disagrees that the pastime involves gambling, the ruling provides “more clarity.”

Democratic Reps. The Associated Press contributed to this report

The plan that made sense | Local news


But the lake’s owners the U.S. Eric Koch, both Republicans from Bedford, according to T-M archives.

Two weeks into August 2004, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts announced that the company was seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Koch is referring the operating agent agreement between the Indiana Gaming Commission and the Blue Sky Casino, LLC, a partnership between Lauth Resorts and Cook, who would step in after the Trump proposal fell through.

Orange County residents and officials saw gambling as the way out of the areas economic despair for French Lick and West Baden.

Today, Koch said he still doesn’t see gambling expansion as a good economic tool.

The executive vice president and chief operating officer of Cook Group Inc. The group lobbied hard at the Statehouse, always wearing orange shirts that read “Save French Lick and West Baden,” according to Times-Mail archives.

At the beginning of March 2005, the new executive director of the gaming commission announced that Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts had decided to abandon the project.

In the spring of 2004, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts had a detailed plan to invest more than $100 million into a casino in French Lick. Hundreds of new employees were hired. “I don’t think there’s any question the progress would have been dramatically less than it is now, he said. Shortly after O’Bannon signed the bill, Orange County residents voted in favor, 5,127 to 2,642, on a referendum to allow gaming.

“Things were going downhill,” Barnett said. Having said that, the law evolved to where it was better at the end of the day.”. But by the end of 2004, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts had filed for bankruptcy.

“When we first showed up, (lawmakers) would hide and not talk to us,” Street said. Hundreds of thousands of visitors spent a grand total of $68.3 million at the casino in its first year. was part of the Historic Hotel Preservation Committee that spent months pouring over plans to build Indianas 11th casino.

In 2003, Gov. Indianas current unemployment rate is 5.5 percent, according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. A month later, he called for the entire gaming commission to resign for authorizing the Trump project in the first place.

“It wasn’t necessarily a vote against bringing economic activity to the French Lick area,” Koch said. Orange County’s is 6.6 percent.

It was the plan that made the most sense, Steve Ferguson remembers.

Opponents of the bill included two area lawmakers – former Sen. “We’d send letters and letters and letters daily to the Statehouse. Army Corps of Engineers wasn’t interested.

And Donald Trump was going to build that casino.

In 2006, the groups opened a $200 million casino in a lagoon at the French Lick Resorts. He said a Trump casino would have paled in comparison.

Trump had the best proposal in terms of what he was going do locally what he was going do for local communities, said Steve Ferguson, who was on the committee tasked to make a final recommendation to the gaming commission.

The arrangement meant the French Lick casino’s license would be held by the state, and they would be subject to separate standards than other riverboat casinos in Indiana.

Eventually, Denbo sponsored the bill that would transfer the riverboat casino license from Patoka Lake to a new historic preservation district in French Lick and West Baden Springs.

Geneva Street, an Orange County hairdresser and prominent orange shirt, said it was difficult to get people to listen at first.

In February 2003, Orange County’s unemployment rate was the highest in the state at 10.4 percent, according to Times-Mail archives.

But Cook Group came up with a plan.

CFC, a Cook Group affiliate, entered into a partnership called Blue Sky Casino with Indianapolis-based Lauth Property Group, were the final bidders for the Orange County casino license. Then, we got in with Steve Ferguson, and he felt sorry for Orange County.”

Alan Barnett, former French Lick-West Baden Chamber of Commerce executive secretary and former manager of the Indiana Railway Museum, said the area desperately needed jobs after losing major employers, including the closing of the Kimball furniture plants in French Lick and West Baden Springs in the early 2000s.

In July of 2004, the Indiana Gaming Commission and Historic Hotel Preservation Committee chose Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts proposal to build a casino next to the French Lick Springs Resort.

The Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts proposal to the Indiana Gaming Commission included a $124 million investment, including the purchase of the West Baden Springs Hotel. “I’ve just always been concerned about the expansion of gambling as an economic tool. Gov. An activist group known as the “Orange Shirts” saw casino gambling as a way to improve their economically downtrodden area. We were blessed with the Cook deal.”

However, folks in Orange County did want it. Frank O’Bannon signed a bill that brought the casino boat license to Orange County. A $287,500 donation to French Lick’s Indiana Railway Museum also was promised.

Cook and nonprofit Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana had already teamed up in 1996 to take on the task of rehabilitating West Baden Springs Hotel.

The state’s 11th license was attached to Patoka Lake, thanks to legislation passed by the 1993 Indiana General Assembly legalizing riverboat casinos. Becky Skillman and Rep. and Lt. CFC also purchased French Lick Springs Resort and committed to $80 million worth of restorations.

Gov.-elect Mitch Daniels, before taking office, demanded to review Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts final operating contract before the Indiana Gaming Commission moved forward with the project. “There weren’t any jobs.”

In the early ’90s, the lofty goal of legislators like Jerry Denbo, the Democratic state representative for French Lick from 1990 to 2007, was to pair a casino with a refurbished West Baden Springs Hotel.

As for Alan Barnett, he’s happy Cook stepped in when it did

Gambling Addiction Treatment


As with drug addicts and alcoholics, the behaviour is caused by the addiction. But the addiction is within the gambling addict and will surface wherever they are, no matter what they do, unless they treat the underlying problems and issues.. The behaviour is not the cause. The disease of addiction can be described as a hole in the soul a spiritual void which gambling addicts attempt to fill with destructive behaviour and short-term highs.

Treatment in a rehab facility is also beneficial as they are able to heal in a nurturing environment with other sufferers who can provide support, insight and relate to their problems and feelings. Yet with treatment and a daily programme of recovery, it can be arrested and maintained.

The Twelve Steps of Gamblers Anonymous

The use of a Twelve Step Programme as used in the Twelve Step fellowship dealing with gambling addiction Gamblers Anonymous (GA), as well as intensive therapy is a highly successful method of treating gambling addiction, whilst allowing the sufferer the introduction to continued recovery and abstinence they need. One on one therapy and group therapy in a nurturing environment is a highly successful treatment method for gambling addiction, allowing the gambling addict to address their underlying issues.

How does a gambling addict recover?

As with any addiction, for a person who is a gambling addict to begin recovery, they will need to stop their gambling behaviours in order for healing to begin. In a treatment facility, a gambling addict is able to learn a new way of life, without the need to use gambling as a way of escaping their problems. Yet a gambling addict will need to stop the behaviours to begin recovery, as the behaviours provide the escape from their problems which they seek, allowing them to avoid the true problem.

Surprisingly, many gambling addicts describe the pull of gambling addiction as involving losing at gambling more than winning, although winning does provide an incredible high. Thus follows behaviour to take them away from the present, leaving their emotional capacity hollow. The obsessive and compulsive behaviours are not the problem they are a symptom of the disease of addiction, revealing that something is very wrong within the person.

Gambling addiction and rehabilitation centres

Many gambling addicts are admitted to in-patient treatment facilities or out patient therapy programmes, depending on the severity of their problem. However, learning a new way of life in a facility is just one part of recovery from gambling addiction. It will not go away; but can be arrested and maintained through daily recovery and vigilance.

Why do people become addicted to gambling?

Gambling addiction is like any other addiction. However, the problems which a gambling addict needs to deal with are in fact, not gambling. As with drug addicts and alcoholics, gambling addicts suffer from a disease it is incurable and progressive. As mentioned before, gambling addiction is an incurable and progressive disease. For a gambling addict to maintain abstinence from gambling, a programme of recover needs to be adhered to on a daily basis. Whether the gambling involves betting on horse racing, casino black jack tables or slot machines, the sufferer falls victim to compulsively seeking the high gained from gambling.

Moving to other cities or locations (known as geographicals), staying away from casinos and other places associated with their addiction and other external elements which can be blamed may seem the right route to wellness. Suicide is common amongst gambling addicts as they see no other solution to their habit and loss of livelihood. Losing families, jobs, houses, cars and all other possessions, but mostly self respect, the gambling addict is left in a place of total unmanageability where their life has suffered complete destruction. Addicts are individuals who very often do not know how to cope with their feelings and emotions. Relapses do happen, but with a Twelve Step programme of recovery, a gambling addict is able to harness tools to help them cope with daily life, the problems and feelings they have been avoiding and difficult times without reverting to the destructive obsessive and compulsive behaviours which accompany gambling addiction.

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Oasis Counselling Centre is a registered in-patient treatment facility in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa which provides treatment for gambling addiction through individual and group therapy, plus endorses a Twelve Step programme of recovery as well as a healthy lifestyle and the tools needed for a gambling addict to remain abstinent and regain their life back permanently.

What happens when a person is addicted to gambling/b>

Unable to control their obsessive and compulsive gambling, addicts are taken to a very dark place, which grows increasingly worse over time. The loss of money and possessions fills them with a desperate need for hope of gaining control again, leading them to act out compulsively on gambling behaviour over and over again.

Gambling addiction is an obsessive and compulsive behaviour which involves a person being addicted to gambling. Even though they want nothing more than to be free of their compulsion to gamble, they cannot stop, they do not know how to stop, and cannot see a life free of gambling.

When a gambling addict engages in gambling and the related behaviours that go with it, they experience an escape from their feelings – Transcripts


The fires bring to mind more than 30 churches, most with African- American congregations, burned in the southeast a decade ago.

JAMES CARTER, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We only have to recall the color of the faces of those in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, those who are most devastated by Katrina to know that there are not yet equal opportunities for all Americans.

BONNIE SCHNEIDER, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Hi, Miles. We’ll explain what that means and what the lingering political implications might be with Jeff Greenfield.

It became an article of faith on the political right that this had become a real ugly moment, when partisanship replaced memorials. That’s added to the five churches that burned last Friday. We know a 7 and a 9 aren’t going to be on those. He’s now airborne, trying to break the record for the longest nonstop flight in history. Well, it worked. It’s hard to keep politics out when you consider that part of what Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King represented was a huge political shift. And probably if you want to make your political points about the president, there are other venues to do it.

I tell you what, before we get going, one that we haven’t shared as much with viewers this morning was former President Carter making reference to wiretaps, which of course has historical parallels here to Martin Luther King Day. And since it’s right here it can’t be here. King Abdullah of Jordan sitting down with President Bush. There were songs, prayers, praise and a healthy dose of politics. Included in the investigation are members of organized crime, current players, as well as the wife of a hockey legend.

This is Ventura County — not Orange County, as we’ve been showing you over the past couple of days — in a remote canyon in Calabasas. They used to send this guy to Washington and I kept score in the Oval Office desk. And these are also some new pictures coming in to us regarding one of those attacks. I mean, this — the idea of civil rights in America has become now a consensus. And there was a backlash to it that may have helped the Republicans take that Senate seat.


DAVID MATTINGLY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hello again, Miles. Many are hoping this will be a new chapter for the poor island nation that’s been plagued by violence in the past.

GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I would like to say something to my friend Joe Lowery. So it has to be there, no matter what.

The funeral for Coretta Scott King turns political. Very quickly, as I mentioned, one through nine.

Let’s listen.

MARIN: Not that long.

VERJEE: Yes, diet milkshake. But nevertheless, were you instantly kind of enamored with this whole thing?

VERJEE: Miles, let’s check the headlines now with Kelly Wallace. Fierce Santa Ana winds are said to be fueling those flames in that fire.

O’BRIEN: Whom can do that, do you suppose? Who were you thinking of in this case?

MARIN: Correct.


CARTER: It was difficult for them personally with the civil liberties of both husband and wife violated as they became the targets of secret government wiretapping, other surveillance.


O’BRIEN: Bonnie Schneider. A 7 is not going to be there.

VERJEE: Do you have to be patient?

O’BRIEN: Tell us about that.


Thanks, Kelly Wallace. We’re watching that new fire burning in California.

O’BRIEN: And millions of us can’t get a good night’s sleep.

Back in 2002, shortly before the election, Senator Wellstone was killed in a plane crash. I’m like you guys, I’m trying to figure it all out.”

O’BRIEN: Got to be here.

O’BRIEN: You sort of get the sense that these days nuance is dead. We’re going to be right back. But it isn’t just confined to the sports world. It was very helpful. Officials trying to figure out how to get the fire crews on the ground there since it is a very remote era.

Also, a record number of Americans are relying on sleeping pills to get a good night’s rest.

O’BRIEN: Among others. It is Sudoku Day here on AMERICAN MORNING. But does that create other problems? We’ll tell you. Former president Jimmy Carter reminding us of the current administration’s failures in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

I mean, this — they call you “Duke of Sudoku,” right?

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Alabama Church Fires; Funeral for Coretta Scott King Turns Political; Gambling Ring

Aired February 8, 2006 – 08:59 ET


Let’s get to Zain. Just because you see 4s there?


But what struck me also was how quickly this became an item within the other side, within the political right. So that can give you some clues. But are they really a long-term answer? I think you know the answer to that question in your heart of hearts. Jeff Greenfield, excellent.

And it is take two for Steve Fossett. Zain is down in the newsroom and she’s become an instant Sudoku expert. We are watching it closely for you this morning.

O’BRIEN: Give us some tips. It could be somebody angry at the Baptist churches. This kind and gentle woman became one of the most admired Americans of our time. He says Muslims have a “false picture” of his country.

You excited?

The Danish prime minister now defending his country in the wake of criticism over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

ZAIN VERJEE, CNN ANCHOR: And I’m Zain Verjee, in for Soledad.

Former presidents Carter and Clinton, civil rights legend Joseph Lowery used their time at the pulpit to take some jabs at the current administration with the man, as you see, seated a few feet away, President Bush. The idea that this is going to have some political implication, you have to really be overcommitted to endless analysis, which some of us on cable news are to think that. Now, I don’t want to — I mean, the problem is, when you get to be my age, you always think that the tomatoes were better in the old days.

(END VIDEOTAPE) O’BRIEN: Let’s check the forecast once again. And the timing there very different than here.

GREENFIELD: Among others. She joins us now.

MARIN: Actually, I was flying from Munich to London. Miles was telling you about this just at the top of the hour. And he told us when the talk turned to politics, he cringed a little bit — Zain. That’s good news.

MARIN: Personally, I like to jump around the puzzle always.

VERJEE: Just have to know how to count. But I do think that — that, look, one of Robert Kennedy’s greatest speeches came when he told a crowd in Indianapolis that Martin Luther King had been shot. Was it appropriate? We’ll take a closer look at that.

O’BRIEN: The civil rights leader, the Reverend Joseph Lowery, turned up the political volume, praising Coretta Scott King and criticizing the war in Iraq in the same breath.

O’BRIEN: Back with more in a moment.

EDWIN MARIN, “NEW YORK POST” SUDOKU GRANDMASTER: Just very quickly, in this, you have to get one through nine in every row, in every column, as well as in every three by three section. Sanjay Gupta will give us details. On a flight. I was talking to Will Shortz, who of course has written several books about this.

VERJEE: Yes, 6 — 6 over here. Chad Myers off today, nursing his cold and cough that he has.

I’m with Edwin Marin, and he’s a grandmaster. I’m Miles O’Brien.


Jeff Greenfield is here to talk about the implications of all of this.

And more on those political jabs at the Coretta Scott king funeral. Would you have ever injected — if you were writing this — this kind of a talk, this eulogy, would you have injected politics in there? Think about it honestly.


O’BRIEN: Now, we spoke to the bishop of that church just a little while ago, Eddie Long.

MARIN: Correct.


Meantime, hundreds of people in Sarajevo took to the streets today.


KELLY WALLACE, CNN ANCHOR: That is right, Zain.

The hot Santa Ana winds continue to blow in southern California, whipping up flames like you see here. Most people spend their time at work not working but doing this. No? What about that? What about here?


O’BRIEN: Kind of trapped on a long flight. Do you do that as well?

VERJEE: It is. And a record number are popping pills to solve that problem. And at the memorial service, a number of political people made the point to honor Paul Wellstone’s memory, vice president — ex-vice president Mondale who was running in the state should be elected. So you’re going to show us how you fill in those empty spots.

Elsewhere, plaster casts are made of tire tracks in the mud, possible signs of a quick getaway. I also look for repetition in numbers.

O’BRIEN: It was quite a funeral, six hours. After that, though, I’ll go to another number.

Let’s turn now to CNN Sports Correspondent Will Selva in Atlanta.

GREENFIELD: There was a quote from (INAUDIBLE) about tragedy.

Now, we’ve set up a Sudoku puzzle. You’ll recall that story. Show us.

MATTINGLY: There is no known motive, no known suspects, but a growing mountain of evidence.

O’BRIEN: Was that one of yours?

O’BRIEN: But there’s — it sounds so simple, and yet the logic employed, depending on how many numbers you are provided, how difficult the puzzle is, can be very taxing. I mean, he came to the funeral, changed his plans, made a gracious speech. But he has some bags, I’m happy to report. O’BRIEN: “The New York Post” headline, you won $5,000 and a trophy, beating out, what, about 1,600 other competitors to win the Sudoku championship for “The New York Post.”

And Zain, as Miles was mentioning, it will be five-minute catnaps, and also I guess some nutritional milkshakes to calm the stomach. A lot on their agenda, of course, including the protests by Muslims around the world and the Hamas elections — or Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections.

O’BRIEN: Well, let’s talk about this, because when you talk about a Wellstone moment, timing is an awful lot in politics. We have no indication at this juncture that this fire is threatening any homes.

Coming up, big trouble at one of the nation’s biggest airports.

The advice though, Joe — the advice I’d give this guy is, Maya has nothing to worry about. Thank you. We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there.

MARIN: Right. OF INSURANCE: It could be a religious bias.

We’re now in early February. There is only one empty number there, so… These are some new pictures coming in to us here at CNN.

Again, you’re looking at some live pictures of this fire. I am excited, although a bit worried that all these numbers I’m going to glaze over. JOSEPH LOWERY, CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER: She extended Martin’s message against poverty, racism and war.

Another wildfire also to tell you about, this one burning east of Los Angeles. There could also be a Hollywood connection. Among those accused, several NHL players and Janet Jones, the wife of hockey’s greatest player and current Coyotes head coach, Wayne Gretzky.

Kelly, the King is coming to meet the president. For war, billions more.


Early election results in Haiti could come later today. That’s the simple rules.

O’BRIEN: Right. It’s coarse, isn’t it?

MATTINGLY: One thing investigators can’t say right now also is whether or not these are racially motivated. Is this an easy, medium or hard one?

O’BRIEN: And just to give you the basics, you want to use all the digits. And we will hopefully have this done in about 30 seconds, all right?

It was an extraordinary scene outside Atlanta yesterday. We’ll tell you why Philadelphia had to shut down their operation overnight. We’ll be following the story and bring you developments as we get them. We don’t even know you. .

MARIN: And once I pick up on a number, I’ll stay with that number. He says one of the key things is use multiple strategies, but whatever strategy you start, play it out completely and then move on to the next one.

MARIN: Once I find the first number, I’ll start with that and I’ll take it as far as it lets me go.

VERJEE: And you’re going to help us learn how to do this.

Here’s what Gretzky had to say about this: “The reality is, I’m not involved, I wasn’t involved and I’m not going to be involved. She deplored the terror inflicted by our smart bombs on missions way afar. Right?

MARIN: This is easy one. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Coretta Scott King showed that a person of conviction and strength could also be a beautiful soul. Ballot counting is now under way. Thanks, Zain, for that.

MARIN: Yes, I do. At least two people were killed in those explosions. Lowery, 21, Bush 3.

VERJEE: Well, give us some tips. And maybe you can use other sections to pick that up.


O’BRIEN: And while the president offered a dignified tribute bereft of political rhetoric, other speakers used some of their time at the pulpit for partisanship, as well as praise.

WALLACE: OK. This fire is pretty small, and it is burning in a remote canyon area near Malibu. It could be a devil, satanic thing. And within hours, I think when the funeral was still going on, this popped up as the headline on “The Drudge Report,” which often begins the transmission through the — through particularly conservative media.

MARIN: No. Not so subtle a statement there.

O’BRIEN: Arson the inescapable conclusion in more church fires in Alabama, but investigators still have no suspects. You were on a plane.

O’BRIEN: Moments later, the former President Bush rose in defense of his son, using humor to try and deflate the tension. Like, what’s the best way to attack something like this?

Investigators say this professional hockey coach is a gambling kingpin. The liftoff was originally set for Tuesday, but strong tailwinds and a fuel leak grounded that flight.

O’BRIEN: All right.


VERJEE: More protests over controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. That is ahead on AMERICAN MORNING.

MARIN: I was.

GREENFIELD: You know, that was a moment that nobody wrote that for him. I was. And congregations are now learning — Baptist congregations are learning just how quickly their fortunes can change here in rural Alabama. What were your thoughts on this as you watched this unfold? Did it surprise you, first of all?

Some live pictures coming in to us from our affiliate KABC out in California.

O’BRIEN: And you don’t need a dictionary for this.

So, you know, Edwin Marin is here to give…

David Mattingly joining us now from Boligee, Alabama, at the site of one of those fires. There were also — there was some booing, apparently, not that much, directed at some Republican senators there. Well, that clearly is no longer the case. Don’t give up your day job.

GREENFIELD: Absolutely. It wasn’t a fair fight.


MARIN: I’ll start out just scanning the puzzle, as I said.


MARIN: Yes. As they get harder, definitely be patient. Oops.

Right? Aren’t you?

MARIN: No, you don’t.

MARIN: Right.

O’BRIEN (voice over): It was the kind of funeral Martin Luther King was denied, the 10,000-seat congregation filled with members of Congress and four presidents.

WILL SELVA, CNN SPORTS CORRESPONDENT: Former player and current assistant coach Rick Tocchet will meet with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman in New York today.


O’BRIEN: Ed’s never heard of that one, I think, Zain. That’s some 27,000 miles in 80 hours.

I think for a lot of people the idea is, do you really do this at a funeral?


O’BRIEN: But now you — you got the bug. There is nobody arguing that Martin Luther King was on the wrong side of history. But Coretta knew, and we know, that there are weapons of misdirection right down here.

Another bombing targeted Iraq’s minister of higher education. I’d scan there and there to know that that’s a 4. So that’s good.

Will Selva, at CNN, Atlanta.

O’BRIEN: Welcome back.

VERJEE: A potential embarrassment for the National Hockey League.


VERJEE: All right. Live pictures from our affiliate KABC.

VERJEE: Do you do that just 4, 4, 4, or do you do — you know, do you just jump progressively to 4, 5, or whatever strikes or catches your eye? Like maybe just 1 here?

MARIN: Correct.



MATTINGLY (voice over): Smoldering ash and cement block steps, that’s all that’s left of the Morning Star Baptist Church in Boligee, Alabama, one of four burned Tuesday morning in rural western Alabama, one of nine in an apparent arson spree that began in another county on Friday.


And on the Daily Kos, which is a site from the left, the argument was these conservatives had nothing to do with civil lights, they have no right to lecture us. And Bonnie Schneider is the at CNN center. JAMES POSEY, MORNING STAR BAPTIST CHURCH: What kind of joy, what kind of satisfaction did you get out of doing what you did? We weren’t bothering you. We should mention, by the way, that Martin Luther King was wiretapped during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations at the direction of Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who was a hero of that movement. The brave widow turned fearless civil rights warrior laid to rest. The big question in this, why is someone singling out these Baptist churches — Miles. He escaped without injuries.

REV. Sudoku, the Japanese have been doing this since the ’80s. The…

O’BRIEN: All right. Those whipping Santa Ana winds continuing to come off the mountains, dry vegetation leading to the fires we’ve been seeing.

O’BRIEN: Was that one of yours?


Hello, Bonnie.

Just a little over 24 hours ago you could have looked behind me and seen standing a small, quaint country church.


VERJEE: He says with a gleam in his eye. Keep preaching. Keep going. And broken doors on several churches indicate forced entry. And it’s only just caught on here in the United States.

O’BRIEN: There you go.

VERJEE: What are your strategies?

O’BRIEN: OK. So you know in this section you have to have a 5 a 7 and 9.

Tens of thousands of voters turned out Tuesday. And Rush Limbaugh on his Web site went off on Joseph Lowery, whose piece he played, and called it — and this was really the key, as you mentioned in your intro to this, “a Wellstone moment.”

O’BRIEN: David Mattingly in Alabama.



GREENFIELD: Oh, that was his.

I think on appropriateness grounds, you probably would be a lot more subtle.

O’BRIEN: No, it can’t be.

In an investigation called Operation Slap Shot, Tocchet allegedly took about 1,000 bets totaling $1.7 million. Thanks much.

O’BRIEN: Well, yes.


VERJEE: Yes, an instant expert, yes.

New Jersey authorities say the bets were on football and basketball, but not hockey. Tocchet will answer questions about his involvement in what could turn out to be one of the biggest sports betting scandals in history.

Back with more in a moment.

MARIN: Sure.

VERJEE: I tried something…

JEFF GREENFIELD, CNN SR. And we’re exploring those. The elections the first in six years. Am I concerned for both of them? Sure there’s concern from me. We’ve got to tell you who he is. That memorial service happened literally three or four days before the election.

MARIN: Correct. It can be whichever one I stare at. That’s an iconic moment. And now Iran’s president has his own idea about political correctness.

O’BRIEN: OK, not that long a flight. And this one has destroyed more than 6,500 acres. The location is Calabasas, California. But there was no politics in that speech.

O’BRIEN: All right.

O’BRIEN: Because you know 4 can’t be there horizontally, can’t be there horizontally.

MARIN: Well, no, the other thing you can focus on is, where there’s a lot of numbers provided to you. Coretta Scott King was remembered amid praise and politics. Interesting. So 4, 4, and now where’s it going to be here? We know it can’t be in those two horizontal lines, right?

REV. After the funeral yesterday, Kate O’Beirne, a prominent conservative writer, said liberals don’t know how to keep politics out of their funerals. The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigating arson and civil rights violations potentially at four rural Alabama churches. I’m more worried about them than me. A live report just ahead.

And on the fire front, in a much different part of the world, in a different motivation, in a different cause, more churches could be in danger today. We’re referring to the late senator. Of the nine churches that have been hit, they’ve hit both black congregations and white congregations. So when I started this, I found it to be much more entertaining, I could pick it up quicker, and I got hooked on it ever since.

O’BRIEN: And on we go.



GREENFIELD: Yes. Can’t it?

VERJEE: And I want some tips from you, because, you know, I wasn’t very good.

David, good morning.

Sorry, Ed.

LOWERY: Millions without health insurance.

O’BRIEN: So you jump around. Now, you’ve written your share of speeches for Bobby Kennedy, as a matter of fact, in a previous career.

VERJEE: … Poverty abounds. You cannot repeat them vertically or horizontally or within these individual boxes. And I think for people who are not politically committed — I mean, if you don’t like George Bush, this was fine. And the full range of emotions as Coretta Scott King was laid to rest.

If everything goes as planned, Fossett should land near London on Saturday. They really don’t know why. The gambling ring has a connection to organized crime in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Is that a sort of tip for beginners, or you’re just so great you just didn’t need that?

Thank you.

MARIN: Yes, you do. So it has to be here. And maybe that was a more appropriate way to talk at a funeral.

MARIN: And since it’s up there it can’t be here. But no more for the poor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (SINGING): Amazing grace how sweet the sound

O’BRIEN: You know you need a 4 there. Right off the bat, I see that the repetition in fours makes we want to start in this section. A 9 is not going to in that row. this morning, where it just seemed easier to hide certain parts, to cover certain parts so your eye focuses on one thing and then, you know, you just sort of move it around. So it’s got to be here.


Hey, look. Investigators say an NHL assistant coach is behind a nationwide gambling ring. I do, however, think that in a more subtle way, this actually rebounds to the credit of President Bush.

O’BRIEN: All right.

MARIN: Just because I see 4s there.

Turning to Iraq now, where there have been three bomb blasts within 30 minutes today. Some are calling it a Wellstone moment.


“Hannity & Colmes” last night on FOX, it was the lead item. How does this work? You know? I’m just getting my head around this. We want to shift gears, though, a little bit on a developing story that we are following very closely. Continuing with 4, we have a 4 on this column and a 4 on that column, so that 4 has to go down there.

MARIN: Exactly.

O’BRIEN: All right. If you like George Bush, this was horrible. ANALYST: Well, I can’t say that, because she was such a symbol of a particular moment in American political history. This protest one of the first mass demonstrations over the cartoons seen so far in Europe. It could be a number of motives. And he’s been taking that for a few days to save him from going to the bathroom too often. Specially trained dogs lead investigators to substances that may have been used to start the fires.

O’BRIEN: The Duke of Sudoku. I’m not a big crossword puzzle fan.

GREENFIELD: Well, when you remember the history of the black church in America in terms of the civil rights movement, I mean this is where Martin Luther King — Reverend Martin Luther King organized the Montgomery boycott, bus boycott back in ’56. Yes. You can get stuck.

Nevertheless, we are watching this very closely as the weather conditions for fires persist there